Hourly Rate Per Assignment (PA30, CAT2)



Use this procedure if an employee is eligible to work a position other than the one recorded on the Organizational Assignment (001) infotype. 


Perform this procedure when an employee is eligible to work at different rates of pay.


·         Position is entered on Hourly Rate per Assignment (0554).

·         Time is earned and needs to be entered into CATS.

Menu Path

Human Resources à Personnel Management à Administration à HR Master Data à Maintain

Human Resources à Time Management à Time Sheet à CATS Classic à Record Working Times

Transaction Code

PA30, CAT2

Helpful Hints

The system may display three types of messages at various points in the process. The messages you see may differ from those shown on screen shots in this procedure. The types of messages and responses are shown below:

·         Error

·         Warning

·         Confirmation



1.       Start the transaction using the above menu path or transaction code PA30.

    Steps 1-6 are for creating the Hourly Rate per Assignment (0554).

            Steps 7 - 22 are for entering the time worked into CATS.

      SAP Easy Access

2.       Click the gray box to the left of  to select.


      Maintain HR Master Data

3.       Click  (Create) to create a new record.

      Create Hourly Rate per Assignment (0554)

4.       Complete the following fields:

·         Start

·         Assignment

·         Position

·         Valuation basis

4.1          In the Assignment field, click  (Dropdown) to select from the drop-down list.

               Example:         1st Assignment

4.2          In the Position field click  (Matchcode) to open the selection list.

      Choose Position

4.3          Click to expand the assignment list and select the position.

4.4          Click  (Continue) to accept.

4.5          In the Valuation basis field, enter the semi-monthly pay amount.

    If the employee has an hourly work schedule, enter the hourly amount.

      Create Hourly Rate per Assignment (0554)

5.       Click  (Enter) to validate.

6.       Click  (Save) to save.

      Maintain HR Master Data

7.         In the Command box, type /ncat2 and then click  (Enter) to start the transaction.

      Time Sheet: Initial Screen

8.       In the Data Entry Profile field, click  (Matchcode) to open the selection list.

      Data Entry Profile (1) 10 Entries Found

9.       Perform one of the following:



The entry will require a change in the financial accounting structure

Click SOW-1 State Of Washington - with Financial Distribution

The entry will not require a change in the financial accounting structure

Click SOW-2 State Of Washington - W/Out Financial Distribution



10.     In the Personnel Number field, enter the employee's personnel number.


   Time Sheet: Initial Screen

11.     Click  (Enter) to validate.

12.     Click  (Enter Times) to continue.

   Time Sheet: Data Entry View

13.     Click in the next empty Wage Type field, click  (Matchcode) to open the selection list.

   Wage type (2)   58 Entries Found


14.     Click  to select the wage type.  This example is for a monthly employee.

    For an hourly employee, the selection list will have wage types that are applicable to hourly employees.  Select 1200 Reg Hours Worked Hourly for hourly employees.

15.     Click  (Copy) to accept.

16.     In the Position field, type the number of the assignment position. 

    You must manually enter the Position ID number of the position selected in step 4.3.

17.     In the Measuring Unit field, enter HR to select hours as the unit of measure for this Wage type and Position.

18.     Enter the time worked in this position for the appropriate days.

    Wage type 1222 Reg Hours Worked Salaried (or Wage type 1200 Reg Hours Worked Hourly) is not what pays the employee the time worked.  It is the wage type (1222 or 1200) in combination with the Position number that tells HRMS to look at Hourly Rate per Assignment (0554).  Then based on the employee's planned working time, HRMS will first evaluate the hours worked at this position then evaluate the remaining hours for the period at their primary salary.

   Time Sheet: Data Entry View

19.     Click  (Check Entries) to check the information.

20.     Click  (Enter) to validate the information.

21.     Click  (Save) to save.

22.     You have completed this transaction.


You have entered infotype 0554 for this position and entered hours into CATS.